skeptical-ignorant                              knowledgeable-gullible                                                                  skeptical discerning

Do you agree?

This is a poster campaigning the virtue of skepticism, the core value instilled and expressed in think!archipelago.


When the majority have come to an extent where they dare to challenge general opinion and media attack as they see misleading, or treat these two no less than a laughstock, they have played a fine role as a skeptical-discerning beings.

Fulfilling entire normative duration even to the higher education does not necessarily mean one survives the trap of knowledge gap, represented by the skeptical-ignorant figure (most left). Being knowledgeable does not make one immune to biased general opinion and fabricated truths, represented by the young and gullible figure (center).

But does it take ages to finally able to overcome knowledge gaps to challenge majority views? Maybe not. But it takes a considerable amount of time to start doubting, and then collect the pieces of information scattered at any angle. This is the only magazine that works for the cause.

About think archipelago

Since 2012, think archipelago has provided concise business management publication of various topics to cater for the stakeholders at Archipelago Strategic & Partners Indonesia (ASPI). As it expands into reaching wider audience, the ASPI media subsidiary now also features insightful articles covering environmental and social issues, art studies, history, accompanied by critical review by ASPI professionals.


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