The strong mural of Asemka flyover


The construction of Asemka flyover has received mixed reviews for not only it brought traffic solution to the cramped old quarter of Jakarta that apparently could no longer sustain increasing economic activities, but also the impact to the surrounding environment.

Since 1989, rumours spread that the once thriving business center of the 19th century had started to see an imminent downturn due to the flyover that occupied the space between arcades.

The superstition had ingrained the generation of enterpreneurs in Jakarta that a flyover next to a business center bodes ill with the area’s market potentials.

This explains that space influences living condition of a particular environment. As a constantly changing element, space determines what a surrounding looks like in the future.

Now, as Asemka’s last era seems imminent, art finds an overlooked spot to introduce itself in a more cheerful fashion. Under the flyover, the wall paintings reflects the ongoing social and landscape transformation in the area.

Mural as an art has always garnered mixed reactions. But its effectiveness in making use of the tiniest space in a dense environment helps envisage Asemka’s transformation at every turn of era.

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