A satire in Serangan Fajar Kartun Politik

Jurus menertawakan diri menjelang coblosan! Bentara Budaya Jakarta, 8 – 13 Juli 2014

The Openness. GM Sudarta
The Openness by GM Sudarta (center painting), Jalesveva termehek-mehek by Didie SW (center below art installation).

Some prominent illustrators whose caricatures are frequently seen in Kompas newspapers exhibited their latest artworks in Bentara Budaya Jakarta ahead of the Indonesian presidential election.

Having deliberately chosen the timing very nearly to the election day, they intended to create a quick reminder for public in a short moment before casting the ballots.

Following several times of open elections preceded by decades of authoritarian rule, the country remains heavily infested with corrupt officials and populist yet short-term solutions–e.g. the direct cash assistance (BLT) to millions of low income population that caused more harm than good.

In contrast with the slogans for change, previous administrations did less with addressing some of the most pressing problem in this large population, heterogeneous country, poverty and horizontal conflicts.

Names that characterize daily editorial cartoons of Kompas as one of the biggest newspaper company in Indonesia such as GM Sudarta, Jitet Koestana, Didie SW, Thomdean and Rahardi Handining showed their constant wit and critical thoughts, put up in a single showcase that give an intense view of a stagnated social changes.

Nevertheless, the so-called change for the people especially in a democratic country is a right that this society must fight. These artists have been doing their shares of moral responsibility, in a hope that the public will be more aware of theirs, and so the hopeful president of Indonesia.


Travel Fotografi magazine, Volume 18

Pulau Sepa, Jakarta, Travel Fotografi magazine

Pulau Sepa, Jakarta, Travel Fotografi magazine

Pulau Sepa, Jakarta, Travel Fotografi magazine




The Indonesian article titled Pulau Sepa, Jakarta is also featured in Travel Fotografi magazine, Volume 18.

Pulau Sepa

On the white sand beach of Sepa Island, among the vast archipelago of the Thousand Islands, a Spaniard leaned against the breeze while sharing the beauty of the islands formation far ahead with a person next to him. He muttered in awe that he had never seen anything like this in his long journey as an avid traveler. It is not a rocket science to envisage how high the district development will have leveraged the wealth of the islands and their scattered local inhabitants, if and when it happened. But rapid development has not reached this edge, considered to be one of the farthest parts of the district from the north coast of Jakarta. Continue reading ONE OBSTACLE TO THE THOUSAND ISLANDS

Well-planned perspective

Agus Chang is a writer who now works as an IT professional in one of the fastest growing banks in Indonesia. He has an interest in sports, technology and culture. He believes that intellectual and moral side of humans should work together in harmony to create a better world.

Hong Kong in bw

Public transportation is a crucial point to be noticed by government to grow prevalent economic scale throughout the city. In Hong Kong we can find various types of it, such as MTR, buses, taxis and street trams (only in Hong Kong island), provided to support its citizen to go to all district.

Hong Kong

People strolling around every corner of this city is a common view. It becomes a habit for Hong Kong people. There are many youngsters and senior citizen mingle on the sidewalk. Even past midnight on weekdays, the crowd still fills the streets looking for food or just enjoying the city’s atmosphere.

Hong Kong in bw

The city population daily needs are provided by ubiquitous retail spaces starting from groceries, restaurants, mini markets, famous brands outlets to shopping malls. These stores are placed side by side with the neighborhood. Apartments are often placed between stores.

Hong Kong in bw

Traffic jam frequently occur on regular days, but it is very light compared to the traffic city of Jakarta. Jay walkers are sometimes spotted. Hong Kong’s street is not too wide so when a bus stop to drop off and pick up passengers, it occupies the left lane which quickly creates bus queue behind.

Ahmad Sadali in retrospective

Galeri Nasional

The  late Ahmad Sadali (1924-1987) was touted as the father of Indonesia’s abstract art. But the artist himself made a unique statement when he shunned people’s reference to him as an abstractionist, although he confided to his son that culturally there is no other way to describe his works besides an abstract.

In light of this puzzling dichotomy, Galeri Nasional from 25 June until 14 July once again showcased the local maestro’s works to bring back to life the arguments about the way this archipelago country perceives the language of visual expression.

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