A satire in Serangan Fajar Kartun Politik

Jurus menertawakan diri menjelang coblosan! Bentara Budaya Jakarta, 8 – 13 Juli 2014

The Openness. GM Sudarta

The Openness by GM Sudarta (center painting), Jalesveva termehek-mehek by Didie SW (center below art installation).

Some prominent illustrators whose caricatures are frequently seen in Kompas newspapers exhibited their latest artworks in Bentara Budaya Jakarta ahead of the Indonesian presidential election.

Having deliberately chosen the timing very nearly to the election day, they intended to create a quick reminder for public in a short moment before casting the ballots.

Following several times of open elections preceded by decades of authoritarian rule, the country remains heavily infested with corrupt officials and populist yet short-term solutions–e.g. the direct cash assistance (BLT) to millions of low income population that caused more harm than good.

In contrast with the slogans for change, previous administrations did less with addressing some of the most pressing problem in this large population, heterogeneous country, poverty and horizontal conflicts.

Names that characterize daily editorial cartoons of Kompas as one of the biggest newspaper company in Indonesia such as GM Sudarta, Jitet Koestana, Didie SW, Thomdean and Rahardi Handining showed their constant wit and critical thoughts, put up in a single showcase that give an intense view of a stagnated social changes.

Nevertheless, the so-called change for the people especially in a democratic country is a right that this society must fight. These artists have been doing their shares of moral responsibility, in a hope that the public will be more aware of theirs, and so the hopeful president of Indonesia.

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