The great impersonator

Sports, music dan traveling are three things Laurentius T. Pesik like most. He excels in event organizing and works in Jakarta. He nurtured the love of mountain hiking in his formative years. Forming a group of hikers, he and friends eagerly searched for quite and cold places on higher altitudes. His goal is to reach every summit of the mountains he climbed and posed those proud moments in front of a camera. Now he thinks about sharing other no-less appealing photos down the city streets.

Tokyo Tower (4)

The capital city of Japan has shown that being number two does not mean losing out. A famous expression said imitation is the best form of flattery. But in Tokyo’s case, especially during the rapid post-war rebuilding and modernisation, an inspiration taken from another established city icon was the center of the people’s delight.

Even to those who are not aware of history, it is not beyond imagination that Tokyo Tower took inspiration from Paris city icon of the 19th century, the Eiffel Tower.

Constructed in late 50s, more than ten years after their unconditional surrender in World War II, the then turned pacifist country amassed their strength to get over the haunting past and start rebuilding the cities.

It aimed to be higher than the tower it was remodeled from. In its completion in 1958, with 13 meters height difference, it claimed the title of the world’s tallest free-standing structure.

They did not turn inward for introspection to create a modern symbol of this new energy. Instead, the Japanese willingness to embrace western influence and resulting in dramatic socio-economic changes like what they had shown during the Meiji Restoration era had repeated again.

But in post-war era, Japan heightened their take on western influence to a new level, more than knowledge, modernity, or the world view, but also the culture.

Were they lost in anxiety for modernisation? The tower has appeared in many fictionals, creative products, and a major vista in travel guide to Tokyo.


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