Touted as one of the five best new public spaces in Jakarta, the then giant slum of Pluit, North jakarta, occupying the man-made reservoir has now transformed into a public park, complete with two sport facilities at both ends. The Pluit City Reservoir Park (Taman Kota Waduk Pluit) occupies only the west section, whereas the rest surrounding parts of the reservoir is not yet clear of illegal housings that has long claimed the area, and appeared to be a tough challenge for city governments to reclaim it back. The story behind the park building process was not without clashes, instigating mostly the local residents who had stayed for decades on the unlikely living area. But since the revitalization policy is clear, the governments’ bold action has been a fruitful one. Proper housings on the northeast is the solution for the social impact following the mass relocation. Gazing from the park among the cheerful sound of children and ordinary passersby, the eventual clearing of the reservoir from the homeless quarter has a long way to go. But the thought of looking from this spot after years of difficulties has somewhat made us confident that all will come to a good end. We give you images to compare where it all starts and where the success story has gone so far.


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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