East and west jazz collaboration


Goethe Haus Jakarta’s regular agenda of setting up international jazz musicians under the now familiar event Serambi Jazz continued to please the audience whom mostly long for an experimental type of music out of the industrialized music on the market.

The play on Thursday, 16 October, not only showing the fresh compositions made by each side, the European represented by Benny Lacker and the band, the French Karim, and the Indonesian guitarist who had appeared several times in Goethe Haus, Johanes Radianto, but they also brought a mixture of songs in their list from different places of origin.

In their own twists, tunes such as Jimy Hendrix’s From 6 to 9 to Indonesian folk song Gundul Pacul were surprising enough that by the end they were applauded by standing audience across the auditorium.

As the third time of such anticipated music project, the involved musicians have more confidence to introduce new forms and possibilities which are non-existent in mainstream music.

Some instances were the screeches of string bass that created the sense of slowly receding creepiness in one of the trio’s composition, or the creation of sounds from Karim’s keyboard that played out well with his composition.


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