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Situ Patenggang, entrance

Less than three hours travel south from Bandung (バンドン), we will arrive to a beautiful natural preserved by human and nature side by side existing. Along the way to the location, the traveler will be served with the beautiful scenery of tea plantation – terracing   / terasering (台地 – Daichi).

13 (thirteen) km from Ciwidey we’ll come into a gate, and afterward we’ll up to a grandee view of Situ Patenggang. From the edge of the streets, you can see a lake behind the tea fields from the spaces between the tall trees. Both words derive from Sudanese (One of the Indonesian vernacular / 方言 (Hougen)). Situ means lake, and Patenggang derive from pateangan-teangan (looking for each other).

IFFlanked by Cibuni Crater and Mount Patuha (The oldest mountain in Bandung and place of Kawah Putih), and located 1600 m above the sea level this place is spectacular even for pre-wedding. The green carpet of tea plantation, the coldness and cleanness of water and air, make the visitors feel cozy and relax in this area.

The legend stated that ki Santang (a prince) and Dewi Rengganis (a goddess descendant) that have been separated for a long time. Due to their strong love, and endlessly looking each other they finally meet up in that place. Believe it or not, if the visitor is lucky enough that the tide is low and the weather is fine we can see a small rock island with the shape of heart.

IFThe interesting part of this that social life, around 1996 PERHUTANI or Indonesian Forestry try to grow the potential of tourist attraction in the area. They try to make use of local people by using them to plant tea, and in the spare time the guys will get more income by navigating boats for tourist. They have special cooperation that contributes giving training and similar to bank for the members.


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