15089179728_2b4cce325e_k Diana Ria, the traveling group of temporary funfairs stopped at Solo as part of their regular tour across cities in Java. The setup in the city square took only several days to complete, and it opened for one full month. Despite the outdated and makeshift devices, tours like Diana Ria still wins people’s heart, as is the case for the majority who are budget-wise. Continue reading DIANA RIA

Ikatan antar agama di Gereja Katedral Washington

LOGO DAMAI TV_HIGHRESS-01 One of the programs in Damai TV which runs until 15 January 2015 features selected photographs by think archipelago. Watch the footage below.


Gereja Katedral Washington, tempat bernaungnya jemaat Episkopal Amerika Serikat, pada pekan lalu menjadi tempat bagi umat Muslim menjalankan ibadah shalat Jumat.

Hal ini diselenggarakan secara simbolis oleh para tokoh dan organisasi kedua agama tersebut sebagai bentuk persahabatan antar umat beragama yang semakin nyata hidup berdampingan di ibu kota pemerintahan Amerika Serikat tersebut.

Kampanye toleransi

Pesan kuat yang muncul dari prakarsa ini adalah jaminan kebebasan beragama bagi sekitar tiga juta penganut Islam di Amerika Serikat, dan juga himbauan agar masyarakat di negara yang mayoritas penduduknya beragama Islam mampu mengupayakan hal yang sama terhadap pemeluk agama lain.

Kritik hingga kecaman datang dari dalam dan luar negeri, meski hal tersebut tidak menggoyahkan keyakinan Pendeta Gina Campbell, Pemimpin Liturgi Katedral, dan Duta Besar Afrika Selatan untuk Amerika Serikat Ebrahim Rasool bahwa upaya untuk membangun persatuan antar umat beragama merupakan tujuan yang mulia dan indah bagi umat manusia.

Terlebih pemilihan Gereja Katedral Washington memberikan efek yang luar biasa mengingat reputasi gereja ini begitu besar sepanjang sejarah Amerika Serikat. Prosesi pemakaman beberapa presiden negara tersebut berlangsung di sini.

Gereja liberal

Ini bukan pertama kalinya Gereja Katedral Washington membuka pintu bagi umat Islam untuk berkumpul dan beribadah. Gereja beraliran liberal yang dikenal giat mendukung persamaan hak asasi manusia ini telah mengundang para imam untuk berceramah tentang persaudaraan antar agama di sana.

Namun ini adalah pertama kalinya umat Islam dipersilakan untuk menjalankan ibadah shalat Jumat secara utuh. Gina mengatakan bahwa kita semua menyembah tuhan yang sama.



63% is the percentage of Indonesian working population with only junior high school degree. The national economic productivity index is low.


8 PM in the city of Magelang, Central Java, sat inside the partially closed workshop the 64 year-old Tan Djian Hua, working with his tools under the dim light. Despite his old age, Tan is still highly spirited in doing his job, wearing nice shirt and thick glasses.

“We just have to enjoy what we do,” he said without a slight hint of exasperation on his face, even though he has been repairing small dynamos for more than 50 years.

“When the school was closed, I had to work for a living. My family was so poor that even I had to depend on scholarship to go to school,” he recalled. Not long after the narration shifted to his children.


The way he told the stories of his children clearly showed his pride to all seven of them. When the night fell onto his dark, small workshop, lit with only one desk lamp, so was the old Tan’s freckle of hopes to have all his children schooled.

One of them apparently followed his father’s path to become a repairman. Tan Djian Hua also uses his small workshop as his house, “so whenever I got tired, I could rest,” he explained. But in that simple explanation, he did not looked tired at all.

Tan is the descendant of Chinese immigrants going south east to Java, characterized by Chinese-Indonesian historian Ong Hok Ham as a group of mainland Chinese who came in separate small groups and settled sporadically across the island, in contrast with the characteristics that of the Chinese who in the same period migrated to Sumatra or Kalimantan in hordes.

These immigrants in Java has little left to trace of their culture of origin. Travelling independently in small numbers, such as a family, subjected his predecessors to unimpeded assimilation to the Javanese dialect and customs.

Immigrants heading to Sumatra, for instance, settled on the vast plantation while building a strong community to retain the root culture, and likely to be passed down to later generations.

It is surprising that the three syllable names is one of the few retained ethnic characteristics in him.



kawah putih 2.5Situ Patenggang and Kawah Putih are tourist attractions that PERHUTANI collaborate with private sector are currently developing after they lost their right to maintain the Tangkuban Perahu  with PEMDA Jawa Barat (West Java local government) after they develop it to quite decent tourist attraction. Hopefully the government and local government can solve thing out properly not only the economic issue, so our next generation and more international people can see the beautiful land of Parahyangan. Continue reading THE WHITE CRATER

1814 Borobudur revisited



1814 was the year of rediscovery of Borobudur Temple amid volcanic ash and resurging jungle, ten centuries since its date of build. British governor for Java administration Thomas Stamford Raffles was largely credited for it with the publication of History of Java.

But he could not do it without the Dutchman HC Cornelis, whom he instructed to excavate the site for over a month, involving some two hundred workers.

Construction began in 824 under Syailendra dynasty, and completed during the reign of Samaratungga. It served as the center of religious activity, but started to lose significance when Mataram capital was moved to East Java, and went into oblivion in the 14th century.

Read the excerpts by Erwin Supandi of his selected pictures during his visit to Borobudur Temple, Magelang, Central Java.


With just a little know-how in doing landscape photography in Borobudur Temple, Central Java, from the higher surrounding platform, I left the nearby hotel at 03:45 AM. I got lost and finally able to overcome the situation by asking the local motorcycle taxi driver for an escort. The extra expense proved to be worthwhile with the spectacular view that slowly reveals as the sun began to rise.

This photo was cropped to clarify the detail of the temple. Most commonly people use telephoto lens—at least 70-200 mm—to get a perfect result. However, seeing the remarkable crop result proves that mirrorless camera does an excellent job in reproducing noise-less details. It is taken with Fujifilm X-E1 paired with 18-55 mm kit lens.


This photograph proves how capable the mirrorless camera—some said mirrorless DSLR in making a competition with the already established DSLR cameras. This was taken while the photographer was driving. The left hand held the steering wheel while the other hand held the camera. The action is surely a tough call for DSLR users.