15089179728_2b4cce325e_k Diana Ria, the traveling group of temporary funfairs stopped at Solo as part of their regular tour across cities in Java. The setup in the city square took only several days to complete, and it opened for one full month. Despite the outdated and makeshift devices, tours like Diana Ria still wins people’s heart, as is the case for the majority who are budget-wise. 15272644151_8685a7c9de_kFor a meager price of a little more than one dollar in admission ticket, visitors get to see everything Diana Ria could offer, excluding some main attractions that would cost another dollar each. Diana Ria and other groups of similar amusement rides business showed that it is not always the race for fanciful innovation or the spectacular size that lead to survival. There is always enough demand in the market for something simple mechanism, albeit compromising the standards. Yet the safety standard affects less to the visitors and more to the operators. Their devices were fully mechanically moved by manpower. It is astonishing to see some type of rides carrying over 20 people such as the Pendulum Rides were operated by a handful crews. For more photos of Diana Ria, go to Erwin Supandi’s Flickr account. Click here. Subscribe to think archipelago e-magazine to get excellent stories of various topics.


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