1833 ruling family


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Dubai’s government operates within the framework of a constitutional monarchy, and has been ruled by the Al Maktoum family since 1833. Currently oil and gas only provide 7% for Dubai capital income.

Realizing the minimum oil supply in their land, the government develops what is more advantageous for them to become a free trade and economic centre.

Dubai is called the “shopping capital of the Middle East”. It has more than 70 shopping malls, including the world’s largest shopping mall, Dubai Mall.

The city draws large numbers of shopping tourists from countries within the region and from as far as Eastern Europe, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent.

While boutiques, some electronics shops, department stores and supermarkets operate on a fixed-price basis, most other outlets consider friendly negotiation a way of life.

7Dubai real estate is well known worldwide because of its lavish buildings, rapid growth, and quick returns. They rent to foreigners who want to invest in the UAE, like the palm islands.

Dubai has a rich collection of buildings and structures of various architectural styles influence by local and international designer, and currently they have the tallest sky crapper in the world, taller than Taipei 101.

Prohibitions on “indecent clothing” are an aspect of the UAE to which visitors are expected to conform. Recently, many expatriates have disregarded the law and been arrested for indecent clothing, or lack thereof, at beaches.

Western-style dress is tolerated in places such as bars or clubs, but the UAE has enforced anti-indecency prohibitions in other public spaces.

The transportation in Abu Dhabi is also convenient, and even you can rent a car. However, please be careful if you hit a camel you might replace it with the same price of a Ferrari or more.




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