Chap Phraya in the afternoon

Dangerous Bangkok


A writer and a business photography practitioners, that is how Dicky Stefanus describes himself. He loves to experience a new culture, meet new people and to share knowledge.

thailand 2

You might have heard about Dangerous Bangkok, a 2008 movie starring Nicholas Cage. Well the title is enough to describe my tiny adventure in Bangkok. I won a round trip to Thailand from a world famous air conditioner company.

Hearing lots of the beautiful and the exotic Bangkok, I decided to prolong my stay in Bangkok for three days and two nights. The story is not to say Bangkok is bad. On the contrary, I want to say please go there. It is a beautiful city. However, knowing more about the city in your travel wish list is an advantage.

I also have a few great friends there, especially my lovely Ann W.

Apparently there are quite a few oriental minority. When I was there, a tour guide book told not to get a cab that refuses to use meter. Apparently this is hard enough to be true. When I speak to the cab drivers they just said in adequate English, “No! no! out!”. Or else they will just ask 100 bath.

Thuk Thuk in Bangkok
Thuk Thuk roams the streets of Bangkok

This rules also apply to Thuk Thuk. With a stern face, my local tour guide stated that don’t talk too much or try a bit pushy. If this works please how tell me how.

Thuk Thuk scam

Before I left my group tour, I learned how Thuk Thuk drivers can do some unpleasant things to you. But I just need to experience it anyway. Otherwise I won’t have this story to share to you. Due to budgeting and internet recommendation, I decided to stay in Khaosan Road. It is kind of Jalan Jaksa in Jakarta, where there are nice accomodations for backpackers.

The story was in my first day alone in Thailand. When visiting temples around Khaosan, I met a good European. When we were traveling there was a guy telling me that he is a policeman. He told me that that day was the king’s birthday, so some Thuk Thuk’s could be rented for free and he will take us around Thai if we can we can give him some money for the service.

The tour was sponsored by the king himself. I smelled something fishy, but hey, it is an adventure. We got around great and famous places of interest. Finally we were taken to a gem factory.

It was pricey. I didn’t find it interesting, and so I thought this was the end of the tour. But later he asked us to go to a travel agency, and there I fell prey to the scam and took the accomodation package because it gave a 3/4 higher rate of the first hotel I went into days before.

However when I checked at Khaosan Road the price I paid was triple than what the hotels in Khaosan Road offered. Well, how the tour goes, I will save it for another time. I hope you enjoy the pictures and the notes. I can’t wait to hear your comment or other experience.

thailand 3


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