Tanah Abang

Tired and cautious, street vendors in Tanah Abang market share similar expression as the tension rises amid the rigorous plan to organise the largest wholesale and retail textile blocks at the center of the city. Losing a place for income source seems imminent. Business doubles up especially in August where the nation celebrates Islamic holy month, but this could be the last chance to taste a boon. Continue reading “WARY AND WEARY PART 2”



Street vendors have occupied the streets in Tanah Abang market for at least two decades. Since then they changed the overall look of the area into a slum-like, yet it remained bustling as one of the city’s retail centers. They have also severed the access to the area and the traffic flow of the proximity. As is commonly the case in developing economies, the formation of infomal sector like this swells sporadically in the densely populated spots of the city. There is no place to spare, which translates into the occupation of public places such as parks, train and bus stations, pedestrian precincts and plazas. Continue reading “WARY AND WEARY”