Located at the west-end of Tanah Abang textile center, access to Blok G not only poses setback due to the relatively far distances from the central blocks, the chaotic traffic caused by a concentration of public minivans makes the building even harder for visitors to come take a look. Blok G is now in dire condition, but officials said workers are speeding up refurbishment, especially in the third and fourth floor, where estimatedly over 700 kiosks will be ready to use by September. With just a month to go, there is a lot of work to do. Perhaps, the success of mass removal program to clean up streets from street vendors is not about hastening the restoration project in Blok G, but more than that, a sound policy based on thorough studies.


Small businesses have filled the first and second floor of Blok G, leaving the vacant places on the upper levels. Filling them with the newly arrived vendors poses a question whether the number of crowd will follow suit.


A cluster of units ready to house street vendors soon after eviction takes place. However, primary facilities require major revamp, such as stairs, wall paints, lighting, water supply and other subsidiary elements. Traffic flow to Blok G is also a crucial point in determining the likelihood of the building to be a lively retail spot.


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