This is barely a road. That is why we call it the road least traveled. Trekking on East Asia’s prehistoric humans site, unremitting wind whispers an exclamation of silence at Zhou Kou Dian, 50 kilometers southwest of Beijing, China. Here are images during the trail to Peking Men Site.

Peking men site

Much of the area except the section open for public visit is off-limits. But an unauthorized trek like this offers hidden beauty.

Peking Men Site

Modern civilisation above the extinct one, as if the land is hereditary between two type of humans from different times.

peking men site

Bare trees during autumn open views overlooking clusters of industrial facility. A thriving town lies under, just a kilometer away from the site.


A sense of creepiness erupts at a distance when looking at the seemingly empty part of a village. The hills have witnessed both prehistoric and modern humans inhabited the area.


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