The making of the fisherman’s son

a6dc76ffb7867f908d5b2cfbc9d56ff3The life of the fisherman’s son first appeared as the cover story in the international edition of think archipelago magazine V3. It was one of the monumental stories in the releasing year of the magazine. See the article as it is placed in the early magazine layout in the archive section, or click here to read the online post.

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think archipelago, V3 Aug 2013

As I crossed an enigmatic beach facing Indian ocean on a trail bike, I was amazed at the fact that several group of villagers fished there despite high waves that sounded like cannons along the shores.

Open seas possess an infinite mystery and unpredictability. The coastal area down the south of Java poses tsunami hazard.

But in a tragedy that happened once in several decades, the locals consider it their safe backyards.





Life as the fisherman’s son

a6dc76ffb7867f908d5b2cfbc9d56ff3The article first appeared as the cover story in the international edition of think archipelago magazine V3. The coastal area down the south of Java poses tsunami hazard. But in a tragedy that happened once in several decades, the locals consider it their safe backyards. These people, strong and able, have always something interesting to tell.

think archipelago Standing on the river mouth when the sun is at its peak, villagers at the shore line of Sukabumi, West Java, are set to go fishing. Under the scorching sun, some of them wore caps while other put on hoods on their jackets. A group of them came down from Cikaso village to the river mouth, where the streams directly flow to the Indian Ocean. It is well-known for its constant high tides. Continue reading Life as the fisherman’s son

The cliff settlement

1618499_10152223780107915_637859921_nPHOTOGRAPH  I  YENNY WONGSO

Yenny Wongso is a bachelor of Chinese Language in Beijing who now pursues another degree in English Education. In her recent tour to Western Europe and Italy, she captured many remarkable pictures. She now works and studies in Jakarta.

The article first appeared in the international edition of think archipelago magazine, Volume 9, May 2015.


The celebrity islands of Santorini, a group of small archipelago 200 kilometers off Greek mainland, displays a unique view of its capital cliff city, Fira, whose name derives from the ancient Greek name of the island, Thira.

The ubiquitous white-washed structures emanates the city’s charm in color uniformity. Not only it offers indulging caldera view to visitors, the city makes a presentation about the socio-historical aspect of an existing two-millenia-old human settlement.

The centuries-held local wisdom ensures the survival of this ancient civilization to this day. The white, cubic-shaped structures that were virtually built at a very close distance, similar to multi-storey public housings today, is an adaptation of the less than twenty thousand population to their surrounding nature which poses high wind currents during winter and heat during summer.

Winter sees low activity in its main industry, tourism. Eateries closes in 6PM. Meanwhile summer tourists often outnumber the local population, as cruises make this island a regular destination.

Siti Fatimah tragic romance


Three months after From Benteng With Love at Taman Anggrek Mal, Jakarta, the Operet Babah Encim staged another love-theme work Legenda Cinta Pulau Kemaro at Galeri Indonesia Kaya, which is based on a folktale from South Sumatra about interracial tragic romance between king of Palembang’s daughter Siti Fatimah and a Chinese merchant Tan Bun An, a fortune and love seeker.

DSC_0416Established in 2007, they were initially known as a group of musicians Nanfeng Nusantara who promoted Chinese-Indonesian culture in and outside the country, as far as to Shanghai World Expo in 2010.

Furthermore, when undertaking theater performance, the members were multi-tasked with both playing music and acting.

They carried out a multitude of musical genres, albeit with a strong tendencies to pop, or the creativity to synthesize distinctive styles from many continents.

While their musical versatility is out of question, the quality of acting, besides the two leading roles, received general assessment due to loose dialogue, for which it weakens the structure in the script.

Nevertheless, the witty Operet Babah Encim accomplished their cultural presentation in ways of enjoyment in getting to know one of the fictional tales in the archipelago, and a celebration to the diversity we all live in now.

Menyapa perut bumi di Gua Buniayu


Artikel ini muncul pertama kali di

“Kenali lah bumi sebelum kita dikebumikan”. Kalimat tersebut saya kutip dari seorang guide yang mengantarkan kami ke perut bumi yang sudah menganga di sebelah barat pulau Jawa. Gua Buniayu terletak di desa Nyalindung Kab. Sukabumi.


Setelah kurang lebih menempuh perjalanan selama 1,5 jam dari pusat Kota Sukabumi, melewati jalanan yang berkelok-kelok dan berlubang disana-sini akhirnya saya dan teman-teman saya sampai dikawasan wisata Gua Buniayu Nyalindung, Kabupaten Sukabumi-Jawa Barat. Untung saja landscape selama perjalanan sangat indah untuk dinikmati, ini juga yang membuat kami tidak banyak mengeluhkan kondisi jalanan yang rusak sepanjang perjalanan. Megahnya Gunung Gede dan Pangrango bisa kita lihat selama paruh perjalanan pertama dengan sangat jelas, sedangkan pada paruh kedua perjalanan dihiasi dengan perkebunan teh, terasering pesawahan padi dan hutan pinus yang sangat nikmat untuk dipandang. Continue reading Menyapa perut bumi di Gua Buniayu

Tentang mengejar dan menunggu momen fotografi


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Yosea memberikan perspektif yang unik dari Bandung, salah satu kota terpadat di Indonesia yang tampak kosong di siang hari. Pencarian dan penantian momen merupakan kunci memperoleh hasil foto urban surreal tersebut. Baca excerpt berikut.

Jalan Layang Pasupati - Sumber : Karya Pribadi

Berbekal kamera dan sepeda motor saya berkeliling Bandung tepat pada saat Sholat Ied, 28 Juli 2014, dilaksanakan. Sebenarnya kegiatan ini sudah saya rencanakan dari beberapa tahun lalu dengan niatan untuk mendokumentasikan kota Bandung pada saat sepi dari aktivitas lalu lintas. Alhasil perjalanan dan rencana berjalan dengan lancar, saya berhasil mendokumentasikan momen di saat Bandung sepi ‘melongpong’. Continue reading Tentang mengejar dan menunggu momen fotografi

When Betawi meets jazz

indojazzreview utuh-logo   @america The article first appeared in Indonesia Jazz Review, 2 May 2015

Lantun Orchestra
International Jazz Day with Lantun Orchestra live in @america, Jakarta, 30 April 2015

From swing to bebop, acid, and the further rapid evolution of jazz when the western world brought it on board of the trade ships to meet Indonesian vernacular music in the 20s, Lantun Orchestra played their repertoire based on a timeline that tells about each period of the constantly-altering musical genre. Their live performance When Betawi Meets Jazz in @america, Jakarta, 30 April, started with the 1929 song Ain’t Misbehavin by Fats Waller, before moving to another era of bebop which was popularized by the 30s era trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie.

Continue reading When Betawi meets jazz