Siti Fatimah tragic romance


Three months after From Benteng With Love at Taman Anggrek Mal, Jakarta, the Operet Babah Encim staged another love-theme work Legenda Cinta Pulau Kemaro at Galeri Indonesia Kaya, which is based on a folktale from South Sumatra about interracial tragic romance between king of Palembang’s daughter Siti Fatimah and a Chinese merchant Tan Bun An, a fortune and love seeker.

DSC_0416Established in 2007, they were initially known as a group of musicians Nanfeng Nusantara who promoted Chinese-Indonesian culture in and outside the country, as far as to Shanghai World Expo in 2010.

Furthermore, when undertaking theater performance, the members were multi-tasked with both playing music and acting.

They carried out a multitude of musical genres, albeit with a strong tendencies to pop, or the creativity to synthesize distinctive styles from many continents.

While their musical versatility is out of question, the quality of acting, besides the two leading roles, received general assessment due to loose dialogue, for which it weakens the structure in the script.

Nevertheless, the witty Operet Babah Encim accomplished their cultural presentation in ways of enjoyment in getting to know one of the fictional tales in the archipelago, and a celebration to the diversity we all live in now.


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