Mt. Titlis


Yenny Wongso is a bachelor of Chinese Language in Beijing who now pursues another degree in English Education. In her recent tour to Western Europe and Italy, she captured many remarkable pictures. She now works and studies in Jakarta.

photo 1 (1)

The journey to Mount Titlis is one of the most memorable ones in Europe that is full of beautiful scenery with an eternal snow on the top. People can go skiing down the vast slopes on winter or even summer.

It is actually range of mountains that is located on the western part of the Alps, the primary tourism icon of Switzerland. It is also the highest summit in the Urner Alps section, although it pales in comparison with the Dammastock of the adjacent valley, or the most famous Alps crest, Mont Blanc.

In this picture, although barely seen, there lies the Engelberg-Titlis cableway that facilitates the world’s first revolving cable car. From inside, I enjoyed the spectacular view of the mountain.

As the cable car ascends, I saw the scenic parts of the mountain, from the cliff, the rocky mountainside, and the snow-covered slopes as we were reaching the peak.

The scenery was just like a painting that caught my eyes, so beautiful and unforgettable.


The hillside of Mount Titlis is a perfect scene to remember the long journey to Mount Titlis. Clear blue sky with a small village sitting under snowy mountain make a peaceful picture.




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