Mountain forest

Mountain forest Rocky path near a crater of Mountain Patuha, around 50 kilometers off Bandung, provides an easy trail for visitors who plans to enjoy natural sceneries on the weekends.

But the crater lake is the main place of interest that attracts the majority people, if not all. The short walk is mostly overlooked, and that is what makes this section of forest hidden from outside presence.

It is known mostly among locals, but ironically taken for granted.

Mountain forestThe forest at the crater of Mountain Patuha can be reached by driving further up from Ciwidey, a tourism spot famous for its cold climate.

By taking the alternate road instead of following the sign to the sulfur crater, what was thought an off-limit area appears to be a rocky path that reveals an unexpected wilderness.

A deeper walk into the forest will bring an encounter with a variety of plants, some of which are hundred years old trees.

The leafy branches that prevent direct sunlight, thus causes high moisture, has created a conducive environment for an equally wide variety of moss.

Mountain forestThe natural cycle of life and death in Mountain Patuha makes its lush forest alive. The dead tree gives way for the growth of new ones that will continue the life span of this forest for another century, provided well-preserved.

So far, the preservation of Mountain Patuha helps keep the tropical view pristine in a relatively cramped space on the outskirts of Bandung, West Java.

Mountain forest

2 ha, the annual rate of deforestation in Indonesia mainly due to the need of land for residential and agricultural zones. Slash-and-burn technique to open new fields is an apparent reason.


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