Gaby’s philosophical quest and the earned freedom in Studio Hanafi

Setengah Isi, Setengah Kosong (Half Full, Half Empty) by Fiametta Gabriela is Galeri Kertas’ fifth exhibition featuring paper paintings and other art installation. think archipelago is a proud media partner of the event which runs for a month starting 3 August 2018. To visit their official site, go to, or their instagram @galerikertas_art, and @studiohanafi.

Fiameta Gabriela exhibition
Fiametta Gabriela performs an art installation on the opening of her sole exhibition Setengah Isi, Setengah Kosong in Galeri Kertas, Depok

Galeri Kertas run their fifth exhibition with promising young artist Fiametta Gabriela entitled Setengah Isi, Setengah Kosong as she opened her sole exhibition in that cloudy afternoon with a performance involving a washed out papers hung on the line in a room and a bucket of water.

The transformational process of wet paper is said to be an analogy to the forsaken old form in search of a new thesis. Not only the artist herself, visitors can experience how to interact with the materials that form, or in the process of forming the artwork, and the personal impact towards their respective emotion. This also involves paper dillution.

As a teacher of philosophy at University of Indonesia Tommy F. Awuy pointed out, the young Gaby is on a deep philosophical quest, distancing her abstract-oriented works from the tendency of poppish art by her peers. He noted that Gaby asserts the impression of understanding space and time as the understanding to the constant problems of our daily lives, such as a problem identifying oneself, the culture, religion, the nationhood.

And he thinks that the value art derives from the imagination to the ways of addressing the problems, which if applicable, will become a knowledge.

In this sense, he stresses out the inclination to accept that humans are always enduring process for the better, but never become perfect. To be half is to remind that the other half is there to complete only if we incline to accept them, the process, represented by the natural flow of water.

A Nanyang Polytechnic graduate in visual communication, Gaby saw the water as a medium to purification process, to remove impurities. She said that the project, started in March, is also a process approach to sort out personal matters of her life, and she is not ashamed at making mistakes in that particular process.

Gaby’s concept of using water as part of the elements in her exhibition is impressive, Tommy described while adding the concept of Panta Rhei by Heraclitos, that everything flows.

Besides, there are 24 series of paper paintings to get scrutiny in the newly built art space in Depok as the expansion unit of Studio Hanafi, exclusively run by the senior artist himself. Instead of resuming his prolific artwork there, Hanafi spends his effort to attract aspiring minds to seek artistic possibilities and pursue how far can those possibilities go under his mentoring and loose direction.

In the opening speech, Hanafi spoke about his studio’s term on creative freedom, where the younger generation across disciplines maintain the freedom they have earned without any market restraint, but to cultivate new markets with fresh discourses of their own. It is the kind of creative freedom that is earned, not given.

Following the exhibition, Studio Hanafi is preparing a workshop by Gaby, and in doing so, has selected several young artists to earn their freedom and find themselves new thesis to be presented to the current art market. Neither the studio or Gaby dictated the use of any medium, but promoting the use of paper as quality artwork is in core mission of Galeri Kertas.

Interactive art installation made from chinese ink on tissue entitled “to be or not to be”


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