Studio Hanafi mix of art and social work in VidaFest 2018


VidaFest 2018 is a cultural festival held by Vida Bekasi in cooperation with Studio Hanafi. think archipelago is a proud media partner of the festival which runs from 27 until 29 September 2018 in Bumi Pala Vida Bekasi, Narogong Raya. To visit Studio Hanafi official site, go to, or their instagram @galerikertas_art, and @studiohanafi.

Real estate company PT Gunas Land collaborated with Depok-based art community Studio Hanafi to hold this year’s Vidafest in Vida Bekasi, Narogong Raya, 27-29 September 2018.

Held annually since 2015 with differing themes from such as organic farming, coffee workshop, architecture seminar, et cetera, VidaFest 2018 contributed to the pioneering effort for the creation of art ecosystem in Bekasi, while specifically for the joy of the people of Vida Bekasi and the surrounding area of Bantar Gebang.

Vida Bekasi 2018  exhibited musical perfromance, dance, theater, and visual art based on ethno-social preliminary studies in early 2018, thus proposed the theme “Berbeda Hulu, Satu Muara” in reference to Bekasi river, the cradle of life for the inhabitants.

In his consistency to present community-centered events, Vida Bekasi Director Edward Kusuma said Vidafest 2018 is a presedence to make Vida Bekasi, a 130-hectares in total of housing and business development area, a new cultural hub in Bekasi.

Meanwhile, Studio Hanafi remained committed in their social movement to develop art through socio-cultural and ecological studies, social movement “VidaFest 2018 is an effort to mix art work and social work,” said Studio Hanafi writer Heru Joni Putra. Art Programme Director Adinda Luthvianti added that it is a medium to express gratitude to Bekasi in a variety of artistic potentials.

The festival provide the opportunity to express the high spirit of the people, bringing local communities together, from the children and youth of Vida community dance and theater groups, Teater Artery Performa, Teater SD Dinamika of Bantar Gebang, Teater Korek of Universitas Islam 45 Bekasi, Hartati dance group, Sanggar Matahari, angklung ensemble of Bunyi Sunya, and many more.

A number of artists were involved as directors of each groups, namely Lawe Samagaha as musical director of Bunyi Sunya, Hartati as choreographer, Dendi Madiya and Adinda Luthvianti as theater directors for their respective works, and artist Hanafi leading the on-site live painting among local painters Ridwan Rau-Rau, Galang Monsart, and Guntur Priahadi.

The trend continues to see property industry carry out their marketing campaign by bringing in art scene to their turf. Similar to Vida Bekasi, the international hotel management of Tauzia, on the promotion of its budget hotel brand Yello Hotels opening in Hayam Wuruk, Jakarta, involved a number of grafitti artists and street performers.

gunungan bantar gebang
Dendi Madiya’s Gunungan Bantar Gebang by Teater Artery at Vidafest 2018. Photography by Igra Aghrari, courtesy of Studio Hanafi



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