Photo courtesy of Galeri Kertas

Paralaks Fiksi challenges the norms in today’s art exhibitions

Paralaks FiksiParalaks Fiksi is a paper painting exhibition and other art installation by Cecil Mariani, held in Galeri Kertas, Depok. think archipelago is a proud media partner of the solo exhibition that runs from 8 December 2018 to 7 January 2019, among other agenda. To visit their official site, go to, or their instagram @galerikertas_art, and @studiohanafi.

Graphic designer Cecil Mariani’s solo exhibition Paralaks Fiksi was opened by Ugeng T. Moetidjo, Hanafi and Heru Joni Putra, and a repertoir by young composer Gema Swaratyagita with Laring Project.

Ugeng spoke of Paralaks Fiksi as an exhibiton of three main layers: the conventional paper art, a new discourse on artist space to study, or a studio, and art paper workshop.

Studio Hanafi Person in Charge Heru Joni Putra said that the concept of Paralaks Fiksi is drawn upon a consensus that everything is engineered, or at least what it intends to show, concerning not the artworks themselves, but also the work space activity that some described as a lab or studio, and the exhibition space, or a storefront.

Geger Riyanto described Cecil’s works in this exhibition in one word, Grotesque, in what he saw as an awkward forms and movements of human body to an extent that human features no longer exist.

Cecil herself described her anxiety to challenge the predisposed idea of what an art exhibition has become, the pretext of social issues that have a tendency to justify it, its norms, intentions, hence work on some possible alternate versions than a mere urban commodity.

The exhibition precedes discussion presenting speaker Geger Riyanto and moderator Agung Hujatnikajenong, as well as the workshop Paralaksis Institut, where the artist work with a bunch of aspiring your artists, part of the agenda of Galeri Kertas’ exhibition program, on experimental paper painting methods involving design, art, and technology.

After graduated from Visual Communication Design, Pelita Harapan University, Cecil Mariani took master’s degree of Fine Arts in the School of Visual Arts, New York.

Cecil is a teacher at Institut Kesenian Jakarta graduate program, and a researcher at Purusha Research Cooperative.

Some of her works have been featured in 2017 OK Video-OKPangan, Warung Kolektif & Bank Kolektif, 2016 Frankfurt Book Fair, 2015 Orde Baru, Indonesia National Galery, while her first exhibition was in 2001 Philip Morris Indonesian Art Award Finalist, Galeri Nasional, Jakarta.

Cecil Mariani
Cecil Mariani’s paper-medium artwork in Paralaks Fiksi, Galeri Kertas, 8 December 2018 to 7 January 2019


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