Park Na Hoon staged award-winning Three Airs at Helatari Salihara 2019

Helatari Salihara 2019 is Komunitas Salihara’s regular dance event held in Teater Salihara, Jakarta. think archipelago is a proud media partner of the event which runs from 15 June until 6 July. To see more of their schedule, please click the Helatari Salihara 2019 banner found in think archipelago website.

4 years after he was titled the 2003 best newcomer artist by Arts Council Korea (ARCO), Park Na Hoon won the 3rd Performing Arts Market (PAMS) in Seoul with choreography work Three Airs.

It had been staged in 2015 San Fransisco International Art Festival and 2017 EiMa Festival, Spain.

His latest tour to Indonesia as an artistic director cum choreographer is to stage Three Airs and the Two Doors with fellow dancers Park Sang Jun, Moon Hyung Soo, and Kim Kyu Won in Helatari Salihara 2019.

The Two Doors had been staged in Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin, 2015, and Projekktheater, Dresden, 2016.

Park took part in a number of artist-in-residence program, such as the Korean-Finnish cultural exchange program in Helsinki, 2012, and the similar program in Denmark, German, Italy, and the United States.

Recently he was involved in Ari Project: Performing Arts Korean Contemporary Dance Performance, and the ever expanding Asian performance tours.

In Komunitas Salihara, Jakarta, Park Na Hoon showcased two of his important works. Three Airs is a narrative surrounding the lives of three people who represent organism in the air, whereas the Two Doors tells about how the choreographer discloses his secrets by repeatedly making contradictory self-inquiries.

According to the choreographer, the unrealistic movements of the organism feels more tangible. He perceives eccentric, foolish, and fictitious things that may seem unreal, yet heart-moving.

Moreover, the yes-no questions that remained unanswered were ultimately shared to the audience for the sake of sharing the particular frustration of oneself. Park views answers to these questions could might have revealed the conflicting truth about human existentialism against the world.



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