International collaboration in Art Jakarta 2019

Art Jakarta returns this year with its 11th edition, held at a new venue, Jakarta Convention Center Senayan. think archipelago is a proud media partner of the event which runs from 30 August to 1 September 2019. Tickets are available to buy on the spot and are priced at IDR 100,000 and IDR 50,000 for visitors below 12 years old. To see more of Art Jakarta 2019 program, go to

Eko Nugroho, an internationally renowned contemporary artist from Yogyakarta, has two of his artworks shown in the front hall of Art Jakarta 2019. Moving Landscape (2015) hung as a metaphor of a dynamic urban society and how it shaped the city culture. The 400 x 300 cm manually embroidered work symbolizes modern life society which simultaneously causes estrangement.

Stood adjacent is sculpture Happy to be Alienated (2019), a criticism of alienation found in our society at the advent of technology. The intentionally massive work aims to intimidate the audience and the space they are in.  

Eko’s works are presented by Arario Gallery, one of the 70 galleries from 14 countries participating in the 11th edition of Art Jakarta, Indonesia’s biggest art fair, held in Jakarta Convention Center Senayan, from 30 August to 1 September 2019.

With its stellar line-up of leading Indonesian and international galleries, cutting-edge art projects by Indonesian and international artists, talks, educational programs as well as a charity component, Art Jakarta has been one of the leading fairs in Southeast Asia.

Artist collectives and initiatives, which form the cornerstone of Indonesia’s dynamic, are represented at the Fair in Art Jakarta Scene, while Art Jakarta Spot highlights carefully selected artworks in the Fair’s public areas. AJX offers a collaborative platform with partners, institutions and collectors.

“We want to make art and Art Jakarta accessible to everyone, for it to be engaging but also relatable and approachable. Underlying this idea is our commitment to the spirit of collaboration,” said Fair Director Tom Tandio.

“We work with people from various parts of the art scene in Indonesia and the region, bringing the art ecosystem together. Only by working together can we strengthen both the Indonesian and Southeast Asian contemporary art scenes,” he added.

Art Jakarta Gallery

In addition to returning galleries, 21 or 30 percent of the 70 participating galleries are making their debut at the Fair.  The new galleries are Amy Li Gallery, ANOMALY, Atelier Aki, Baik+Khneysser,GALERIE OVO, Galerie Taménaga, GALLERY YEH, Hatch Art Project, Jan Manton Art, Kendy’s, Nova Contemporary, Project Fulfill Art Space, Qi Mu Space, SAL Project, Segaris Art Center, ShugoArts, Sullivan+Strumpf, Tang Contemporary Art, TKG+, and Vin Gallery. Also, another new exhibitor is Phillips Auctioneers.

Art Jakarta provides opportunity where art galleries could interact with the public, besides dealing with patrons.

Participating galleries in Art Jakarta 2019 hail from 14 countries – Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA, Taiwan, Russia, Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and China. From Indonesia, 30 of the country’s established and emerging galleries will be represented.

Several artists will be in attendance at Art Jakarta 2019 such as Indonesian artist Albert Yonathan, Bagus Pandega, Erizal, Eldwin Pradipta, Franziska Fennert, Irfan Hendrian, Indiguerillas, Kemal Ezedine, Maharani Mancanegara, Mella Jaarsma, Natisa Jones, Syagini Ratna Wulan, Zico Albaiquni, Hong Kong artist Cheuk Wing Nam, Philippines artist Ronald Ventura, Japanese artist Kei Imazu and art collective teamLab as well as Singaporean artist Dawn Ng, among others.

Art Jakarta Scene

Art Jakarta Space is a designated space presenting 20 artist collectives and artist initiatives offering not only many interesting artworks or art objects but also valuable information about their activities which are an important part of Indonesia’s dynamic art scene.

They include Art Dept ID, Atreyu Moniaga Project, C on Temporary supported by Gormeteria, DA’POZA, DGTMB Project, ER design, Facade Arts & Lifestyle Management, Glitch, Milisifilem Collective, Museum of Toys, Omnispace, ONX Idea Studio, RuangDalam Art House, Sekarputi & Agung, SRW X ADS, Studio Dinding Luar, Yayasan Biennale Yogyakarta, and YH Conservation.  

Art Jakarta Spot

Art Jakarta Spot is a showcase of works in dedicated public areas of the Fair by artists from Art Jakarta’s participating galleries. The selection has been carefully made together with members of Art Jakarta’s Board of Young Collectors for the enjoyment and appreciation of our visitors.

The artworks include Solar Worship by Albert Yonathan (Mizuma Gallery), Silence – Meditation in Blue by Cheuk Wing Nam (Galerie OVO), Happy To Be Alienated by Eko Nugroho (Arario Gallery), Bobro’s World Tour, Jakarta by Ronald Ventura (Yavuz Gallery), Balitsa Ehoor by Syaiful ‘Tepu’ Garibaldi (ROH Projects), North, K2 by You Ji In (The Columns Gallery) and Dark Waves by teamLab (Gajah Gallery).

Art Jakarta X

Art Jakarta Collaborations, or in short, Art Jakarta X, is a series of special presentations made possible by Art Jakarta’s collaborations with partners, collectors, as well as organizers of other platforms. Three artworks will be featured as part of Art Jakarta X. They are Production Line – Made in China & Made in Taiwan by Huang Po-Chih, Wave of Tomorrow by Isha Hening. Besides that, one of our lead partners, Julius Bär is supporting the VIP lounge with collector’s show: I Nyoman Masriadi.

Listen, Play, Give

A series of public programs have been designed to engage fair visitors from the moment they step into the fairground. Contemporary art is an ongoing flux of practices. The series of talks offer insights into understanding the many facets of these practices. As a forum, the Talk sessions bring artists, curators, academics, collectors, and various art professionals together to share their knowledge and experience about contemporary art.

Art Jakarta Play offers many educational programs, carefully and creatively prepared for young visitors to learn about and play with art. It is a great place for those who are eager to learn more about art.

In the spirit of collaboration and charity, an arena is set up where unique artworks made by 13 of Indonesia’s most prominent artists will be auctioned.


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