CSMS workshop at PP University

Being a speaker at a contractor safety management system workshop in PP University, Bogor, 6-8 November 2019, ASPI lead auditor Purnadi Phan, B.Ed, CSE, presented his insight on the occupational health and safety management system to the stakeholders across the country.

CSMS has been one of the most talked about topics since Pertamina mandated it to be included in their subcontractor selection process, and other major public owned enterprises seemed to follow suit.

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About think archipelago

Since 2012, think archipelago has provided concise business management publication of various topics to cater for the stakeholders at Archipelago Strategic & Partners Indonesia (ASPI). As it expands into reaching wider audience, the ASPI media subsidiary now also features insightful articles covering environmental and social issues, art studies, history, accompanied by critical review by ASPI professionals.


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