Financial strategy seminar at ASPI Tangerang office

ASPI financial advisor Agus Chang, B.Sc, MPM, has held regular financial seminar on broad of topics as part of the monthly business management training program, such as the financial strategy seminar on December 2019 at ASPI office, Tangerang.

Topics include the introduction to personal financial skill, background study, and the mandatory empowerment session coupled with discussions on real life decision making.

The highly-enthusiastic, young participants came from all walks of life, such as creative worker, IT manager, cable network director, entrepreneurs, a housewife, others who share the same interest in sharpening financial planning skill.

About think archipelago

Since 2012, think archipelago has provided concise business management publication of various topics to cater for the stakeholders at Archipelago Strategic & Partners Indonesia (ASPI). As it expands into reaching wider audience, the ASPI media subsidiary now also features insightful articles covering environmental and social issues, art studies, history, accompanied by critical review by ASPI professionals.


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