Award winning Soeman HS Library in Riau

Soeman HS Library in Pekanbaru, Riau, won the 2015 ASEAN Architecture Award, eliminating 19 other building designs from eight Southeast Asian countries. Judges from each country selected the former legislative building of Riau renovated into a five-floor library for its striking amalgamation of the traditional features and the influence of modernity. Decorative sculptures showing the local artistry and life values fill the walls. The exo … Continue reading Award winning Soeman HS Library in Riau

The rooster church of Menteng

Multiple pyramid-shaped roofs supported by large pillars as typically seen in art deco style is the main design features of GPIB Paulus Church in Menteng, Jakarta. Built in 1935 in the wake of the early 20th century economic crisis, then known as malaise period, the Dutch communities in the far colony had barely made it through with the financing after collecting enough donation from patrons … Continue reading The rooster church of Menteng