A Southeast Asian city narratives by photographer turn artist

Looking into Robert Pearce works, the trace of photography are commonplace, but they have become less of an art photography and more of a mixed media art, uniquely shaped by the artist’s fragments of past memory, the current “Asian” state of being, and the way he visualizes the country he lives in. Continue reading A Southeast Asian city narratives by photographer turn artist

Brave the world

Reviving Indonesia’s past glory as the world’s biggest archipelagic state, then called Nusantara in pre-colonial era, is the newly elected Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s keynote in terms of economic development. In what his administration touted as the maritime axis power, Indonesia is going to build its economy with much larger proportion coming from the waters. Continue reading Brave the world

The contemplation of st. John

John Climacus was an exceptional person in the history of Western theology because he was revered to as a saint by Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church even though there was no any records about his life. His study about the stages in contemplative prayers was part of his teaching that lasts until today’s practice of Christianity. Continue reading The contemplation of st. John