New year marks a new you

The often-cited words in the trying times is that hope keeps humans alive. And in a spirited gesture of placing that hopes sky-high in the new year, people who crowded a new year party event at a beach hotel in Bangka Island lit the sky lantern before releasing them up to the sky. Moments after the collective act, the view above began to be surrounded by bright dots, and at a particular height they slowly turned to obscurity. Continue reading New year marks a new you

What 19 November has to say to the world

News about Jakarta governor Basuki Tjahaya Purnama being named suspect by police over blasphemy allegation in a politically-ridden circumstances has garnered international media attention recently. The double minority status of his Christian religion and Chinese ethnicity in a majority Muslim population plays well with the foreign sentiment towards the country with the biggest Muslim population in the world, questioning the spirit of equality and harmony in diversity it brags so much about. Continue reading What 19 November has to say to the world