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PT Anugrah Metalindo Abadi ISO 9001:2015 certified training course by ASPI

ISO 9001 foundation level training at PT Anugrah Metalindo Abadi, 2019.
Trainees participated in a series of workshops in the ISO 9001 foundation level training at PT Anugrah Metalindo Abadi, 29 November 2019.

The business management training unit of Archipelago Strategic & Partners Indonesia (ASPI) successfully conducted ISO 9001:2015 quality management system foundation level certified training course at the head office of dynabolt manufacturer PT Anugrah Metalindo Abadi, Tangerang, by ASPI lead auditor Purnadi Phan, B.Ed, CSE, on 29 November to 7 December 2019.

Having achieved a decade of nationwide market domination, the workers have demonstrated a strong sense of work culture and unique values that only challenge ASPI team to introduce the benefits of ISO 9001 through a meticulously planned training program.

The effectiveness of a training program and the related workshops, which comprise key issues from risk management, leadership, to the understanding of requirements by all identified related parties, including ISO 9001 standard clauses, enables the smooth integration of quality standard into the existing management trait.

Moreover, the clear presentation of ISO 9001 awareness module ensures the conformance of training outcome compared to what was planned in the early process, generating a likely chance of the successful certification audit ahead.

PT Denson Prima Utama ISO 9001 and 45001 awareness training

Archipelago Strategic & Partners Indonesia (ASPI) launched a series of foundation level certified training courses for an electrical and automation provider PT Denson Prima Utama, comprising:

  1. ISO 9001:2015 quality management system
  2. ISO 45001:2018 occupational health and safety management system

The in-house training, as a part of both management systems development, was held at the head office, Surabaya, on two separate occasions, two days each, from October to November 2019.

PT Sinar Mas Elektrindo ISO 9001, HR management foundation level training

Archipelago Strategic & Partners Indonesia (ASPI) successfully held the ISO 9001:2015 foundation level quality management system certified training course at the home electronic manufacturing plant of PT Sinar Mas Elektrindo, on 5 and 12 July 2019.

Located at the warehouse and industrial zone of Dadap, Tangerang, the in-house training was led by ASPI lead auditor Purnadi Phan, B.Ed, CSE, and joined by both the management teams at the plant and the management representatives from head office.

The presence of top management throughout the meeting was an exemplary feat of leadership.

As a company that received the quality management awareness training for the first time, the head of departments had to come with a strategy to identify the similarity between the standard clauses and the applied work instructions.

Through the combination of material presentation and workshops, ASPI team confirmed the level of conformity between the currently adopted working process and the number of related clauses in order to finally prepare for the ISO 9001:2015 external audit.

In addition, another ASPI-certified training took place in the head office to increase the level of competency in human resources management. ASPI senior HR consultant Sally Condro, B.Psy, led the program which was run in 2 August 2019.

ASPI HR management training, SME, August 2019
ASPI Human resources management foundation level training certification, PT Sinar Mas Elektrindo, 2 August 2019.

Audit survailen sistem manajemen integrasi MK3L di PT Daya Radar Utama

Berdiri pada tahun 1972, PT Daya Radar Utama (DRU) menjadi galangan yang telah membangun dan memperbaiki berbagai macam kapal dari bahan baja, aluminium alloy dan fiber glass reinforced plastic dengan mutu pelayanan dan efisiensi agar dapat memberikan mutu dan pelayanan yang baik, dan efisiensi biaya dan waktu.

Selain membangun kapal hingga 6500 dead weight tonnage (DWT), divisi repair telah memperbaiki berbagai macam kapal tanker, ferry, dredger, tug boat, bulk carriers, dan lainnya dengan ukuran hingga 8000 DWT.

Dengan galangan berlokasi di Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, dan Lamongan, Surabaya, DRU memiliki fasilitas pengedokan berupa graving dock yang mampu melayani perawatan kapal baik lambung kapal, konstruksi kapal, mesin, elektronik dan peralatan lainnya.

Archipelago Strategic & Partners Indonesia (ASPI) bekerja sama dengan badan sertifikasi PT Asia Cipta Management (ACM Indonesia), melaksanakan audit survailen sistem manajemen integrasi mutu, lingkungan, dan keselamatan dan kesehatan kerja (MK3L) pada 1 dan 8 Oktober 2018 untuk memastikan kesesuaian dengan standar internasional ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and OHSAS 18001:2007.

PT Global Mitra Intitama quality management certification audit

PT Global Mitra Intitama, manufaktur lampu LED dan kipas angin di Serang, Banten, memperoleh sertifikat sistem manajemen mutu ISO 9001:2015 melalui proses pengembangan sistem bersama konsultan bisnis manajemen ASPI, konsistensi penerapan, dan pemenuhan persyaratan sesuai standar audit sistem manajemen mutu.

Archipelago Strategic & Partners Indonesia (ASPI) diberi kepercayaan untuk mendampingi PT Global Mitra Intitama menghadapi audit eksternal sertifikasi sistem manajemen mutu yang berlangsung pada 16 dan 23 Juli 2018 di lokasi pabrik, Serang, Tangerang.

Kesuksesan perusahaan dalam dua tahap audit sertifikasi tidak lepas dari peran aktif para penanggung jawab tiap-tiap bagian dalam menjalankan sistem manajemen mutu sehingga dinyatakan layak menerima sertifikat ISO 9001.

Penyerahan sertifikat berakreditasi UKAS dari lembaga sertifikasi ACM Indonesia berlangsung pada September 2018, diberikan kepada direktur PT Global Mitra Intitama Isa Hadianto yang hadir di tengah segenap pekerja dan tim ISO di perusahaan.

ISO 9001:2015 foundation level training at PT Global Mitra Intitama

Archipelago Strategic & Partners Indonesia (ASPI) ran the 2-days ISO 9001:2015 quality management system foundation level training at LED manufacturer PT Global Mitra Intitama, Tangerang, May 2018.

The certified training course was counducted in-house in the factory office, joined by the management teams of both the factory and head office. It involved a sequence of activities, such as:

  1. Material presentation
  2. Identification of the current management condition and discussion on plan of improvements.
  3. Participation of all trainees in a number of workshops
  4. Safety induction material and simulation for new workers and guests at the factory

PT Taihei Dengyo Indonesia integrated management systems certification audit

PT Taihei Dengyo Indonesia, a joint venture company based in Jakarta, is an engineering and construction company established to tap into the developing engineering and construction market in Indonesia.

External audit process at PT Taihei Dengyo Indonesia, head office, Jakarta
External audit process at PT Taihei Dengyo Indonesia, head office, Jakarta

Supported by multinational manpower of Japanese experts from Taihei Dengyo Kaisha Ltd, Japan, and local partners PT Tiga Pilar Energi and PT Promits, the company specializes in mechanical and electrical instrumentation works for power plants, industrial plants, chemical plants, and maintenance.

Given the global acknowledgment of standards, especially by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO), and the increasing awareness of standards compliance in Indonesia, more reputable companies find it imperative to be standardized. One of such is the Indonesian-Japanese joint investment contractor PT Taihei Dengyo Indonesia.

Archipelago Strategic & Partners Indonesia (ASPI), in cooperation with certification body PT Ciriajasa Cipta Mandiri Sertifikasi (CCMS), conducted integrated management system certification audit of quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety management on 6 and 7 February 2017 to ensure auditee’s quality assurance based on international standards of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and OHSAS 18001:2007.