The people in think archipelago are the most valuable asset of this magazine. Their ideas and passion constantly fuel the magazine’s purpose.

Purnadi Phan

Purnadi Phan


Skilled in linguistics and photography, Purnadi Phan ups his career level in media industry. He constantly adapts with the latest technology as a new way of developing creative communications. A versatile writer and photographer, his works have been published in various information and commercial canals, not least in his think archipelago e-magazine.


Erwin Supandi

Erwin Supandi

Photo editor

Studied architecture, Erwin Supandi combines his knowledge with a knack for photography to create stunning images out of unique perpectives. His technical experience makes him able to curate mundane but meaningful pictures from beautiful but plain ones. His approach to aesthetics has garnered loyal clients for various shots. Being an entrepreneur in the clothing supplies only adds up another business that preoccupies him on daily basis.



Sally Condro

Managing Editor

Sally Condro would have likely found herself vacationing at the time when the world wakes up for another day at work. She maintains a degree of spontaneity and curiosity while visiting places of interest. Thanks to her long stint in tourism industry, including transportation services, Sally has nurtured all the senses to examine an intriguing part of the whole scene presented before her, finding the epic out of an otherwise regular story.




Design Editor

A corporate darling for his knack for designing company websites and logos, Rachmawanto always aspires to be one of a kind. The creativepreneur breeds a unique style as he runs Demomo Fashion Street for Kids.