Business management consulting

Archipelago Strategic & Partners Indonesia (ASPI) provide a practical guide to management system that complies with the globally recognized standard and certification in quality, environment, and occupational health and safety (QHSE). Our professionals help corporations thrive in the face of industry requirements and customer satisfaction, mitigating risks, anticipating business opportunities, while doing more for ecological sustainability.

Business management training

Our certified training course meets the standard of competence in management training program, containing up-to-date syllabus delivered by ASPI’s interdisciplinary, qualified mentors, and designed specifically for corporate needs in management system development. To learn more about ASPI’s certified training course, go to

Business management publication

We understand the importance of effective communication to anticipate business opportunities and increasingly complex management. Our media and promotional service provide the latest insight in business and management, while helping to improve your organization’s publication. Subscribe to our business and management publication on