Business management publication

We understand the importance of effective communication to anticipate business opportunities and increasingly complex management. Our media and promotional service provide the latest insight in business and management, while helping to improve your organization’s publication. Subscribe to our business and management publication on     

Corporate communications

We exercise the expertise in developing creative ways of communications to ensure the corporate message, be it digital such as website, social media, email direct marketing, or conventional such as company profile, copywriting, gets delivered clearly and effectively to target audience, and well-maintained that it continuously generate positive response.

Branding and promotion

We apply effective means of product and service promotion through a well-planned brand development. Not only about inspiring logo or ad campaign, we conceive branding as a promotion of your corporate culture nurtured by the people who live up the brand value itself.


Founded in 2012 as a brand and communications tool of ASPI, think archipelago has evolved into an online media with the first volume of international edition in February 2013. Now a trusted  media partner for numerous organizations, it is carrying a substantial portion of responsibility to help solving social problems. It aims at nurturing partnership trust in the modern era of business creativity and management practicality.