Business management training

Our certified training course meets the standard of competence in management training program, containing up-to-date syllabus delivered by ASPI’s interdisciplinary, qualified mentors, and designed specifically for corporate needs in management system development. To learn more about ASPI’s certified training course, go to

Foundation certification

The foundation certificate is aimed at delegates aspiring to increase their competencies through the understanding of the international standard, the introduction to management systems, its framework, requirements, practical knowledge, benefits, and more.

Practitioner certification

The practitioner certificate is aimed at those already working who wish to develop their knowledge and management skills in the systems, process performance, problem solving, supply chains, customer focus, influencing stakeholders, and continual improvements.

Professional certification

The professional certificate is aimed at experienced practitioners looking to advance to a strategic level that allow them to authorize performance evaluation, risk management, change and planning, and business process excellence.